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Important Numbers:

 Main Office: 478-374-3783

 Misty Selph, Payroll/Benefits/HR: 478-374-6481

 Hadden Insurance: 912-685-6310

 SHBP: 1-800-610-1863

 BCBS: 1-855-641-4862

 TRS: 1-800-352-0650

 ERS: 1-800-805-4609


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Employee Information Change Form.pdf

Direct Deposit Form Revised 3-18.pdf

FMLA Form Revised.pdf

ERS Beneficiary Change Form.pdf

GG17 - New Guardian Beneficiary.pdf

TRS Beneficiaries.pdf

2018 W4 Tax Form.pdf

2018 Open Enrollment Resources

2019 SHBP Rates.pdf

FY2018 SHBP. Open Enrollment pdf

SHBP 2018 Decision Guide.pdf

2018 SHBP Rate Information.pdf

Other Resources

Code of Ethics.pdf 

Dodge County Schools Donation Leave Program.pdf

Employee Leave Policy.pdf

FMLA Policy.pdf

FY 2019 Dodge County Certified Salary Schedule.pdf

FY 2019 Dodge County Classified Salary Schedule.pdf

FY 2019 Dodge County Maintenance Scale.pdf

FY2019 Bus Driver Salary Information.pdf

ERS Plan Guide.pdf

PSERS Plan Guide.pdf

Stop Direct Deposit.pdf

TRS Members Guide.pdf                                                   

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